Nicola Douglas

  • Advanced Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Perth. W.A)
  • Diploma Nursing
  • New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists


I have a background in nursing and graduated from the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies in 2002. I have a passion for woman’s health, particularly fertility and pregnancy.

Using the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to diagnose, together with the Western medicine diagnosis of infertility from your doctor or specialist, a treatment plan can be formulated by combining the knowledge of both modalities.

I want to help people feel better and achieve their goals.  I have 4 children and I believe that conception, pregnancy and birth is one of the most amazing experiences of our lifetime. It is such a gift for me to help couples through this journey. I want to help those people who are having difficulties to improve not only their reproductive health, but their overall health too.

If you have lost hope, I can help you to regain it again. Working together we will create changes that will restore confidence in your body and its ability to make a baby and have the best birth you can imagine.

I love the wisdom and knowledge of Chinese Medicine, I am committed to continuing to learn all I can about fertility and pregnancy so that I can help more and more people achieve their dreams. I want all woman with the desire, to conceive and birth their babies on their own terms.